5 Things About UCLA

UCLA is one of the greatest Universities in the country, and with good reason. With a slew of interesting things to do in and around campus, UCLA truly provides any student an amazing collegiate experience. Here are the 5 things that truly make UCLA stand apart from the rest:



  1. What’s Best About UCLA

UCLA has a lot to offer any student. There are so many great things about UCLA that it is difficult to name just a few. But, at the end of the day, the best things about UCLA have to be the size and splendor of the campus itself. UCLA is huge which means there are tons of students, a tremendous amount of clubs and groups, interesting classes, as well as a slew of great places to eat and study. Royce Hall is beautiful as is the main UCLA library, which is also an remarkable place to study. Just the history of UCLA alone is sure to leave anyone in awe. Overall, UCLA is beautiful and massive, with stunning, picturesque grounds.


  1. Life On Campus At UCLA

At UCLA, everyday is an adventure. Since the campus is so large, UCLA is like it’s own little city. There are always new people to meet and fresh things to discover. There is always a lot going on around campus including events, meetings, concerts, shows, and even protests! Everyday is different and there is something innovative to learn and discover each and everyday on campus. UCLA is very sports-oriented as well as spirited, so most everyday, there is something pertaining to celebrating UCLA as a University as well as commemorating one of the school’s many sports teams or players.


  1. Why Should You Choose UCLA

UCLA offers students the opportunity to truly have the most qualitative college experience out there. The Greek system is extremely popular at UCLA as is many of the sports teams, groups, and clubs around campus. There is so much for any student to be involved in and to learn the ropes of life before they actually go out into the real world. The film and TV program at UCLA is unparallel as well as all the academic programs offered at UCLA such as the Psychology classes and the Math and Science courses. Each professor that teaches at UCLA is extremely knowledgeable and credible in their own right making UCLA a great place for any student to learn and gain a valuable education.


  1. Tips For Student’s At UCLA

The best thing that any student can do while at UCLA is get involved as much as possible with as many groups, clubs, programs as possible. With all that is offered at UCLA, it would be a shame for any of it to go to waste. It is wonderful for students at UCLA to utilize UCLA for all it has to offer including an amazing health center, a state-of-the-art gym, delicious places to eat, and much, much more. Student’s should stay as social as possible as well since networking is the name of the game at UCLA, with so many students, there is ample opportunity for any student to network their way into a great job when they graduate.


  1. Places To Eat Near UCLA

UCLA is situated in one of the most beautiful areas in all of Los Angeles, CA. In addition to beautiful area UCLA is in, the campus also comes equipped with it’s “own” little town just outside of campus and within walking distance entitled Westwood. Westwood is open to the public but it is really known as the UCLA student hangout. There are tons of great bars, restaurants, dessert shops, a movie theater, shopping galore, etc. Any student attending UCLA will definitely be keen on hanging out at Westwood on the weekends and evenings, especially since the area is fully stocked with UCLA students alike.