University Of Pennsylvania, Philadephia, Pa 19104


On 3101 Walnut St Philadelphia, Pa 19104 rises one of the greatest university of all times – University of Pennsylvania.

University of Pennsilvanya has a long and peerless history in the American academic field. Founded in 1740 by the time’s visionary Benjamin Franklin, Penn succeeded to be a pioneer of its times.

First medical school in America, the first scholastic institution named “university”, a new ENIAC, the world’s first large – scale computer are only a few of the university’s achievements. All these were possible by the great minds who attended here, including signers of the Constitution, Declaration of
Independence and Nobel Prize winners.



There is no greater and more impressive campus as the Pennsylvanian one: 12 internationally recognized schools, the biggest double-decked college football stadium in the country, 165 research centers and institutes – all these are true UPenn heritage.

If you happen to be on a visit in the campus there is no better place to stay but the The Inn at Penn, an AAA Four Diamond hotel located in the center of the university’s green campus.



As soon as you get in the campus you should erase the word “boredom” from your vocabulary!

Do not worry about how you’ll spend your time, because you’ll be busy attending an exhibition at the Arthur Ross Galery or even see a play, musical or a dance show at the Annenberg Center for the performing arts. If you are interested in the relationship between plants, people and earth, then you must visit the Morris Arboretum historic public garden. But, if you want a break from all of these, the university’s library – founded by Benjamin Franklin – and one of the first in the country- is the place to go.

And because here at Penn the focus is not only on arts but on technology too, you must know that the University has its own Penn Gazzette Arts Blog and a listener supported public radio.



Sports activity at UPenn has famous supporters since the time of George Washington and it is known that the official colors of the university – red & blue – are related to his visit here.

As a proud member of the Ivy League, University of Pennsylvania is an active promoter of a healthy lifestyle through sports, therefore no less than 17 sports are practiced here.

A 2900 feet stadium that has been serving even the local community, a wellness & fitness program with annual health fairs and free health screenings for the university’s employees, woman and man basketball championships, volleyball and wrestling games played in the Palestra – the most storied gymnasium in the history of collegiate athletics, they all are impressive and important components of the sports policy that runs in the Campus.



There is no coincidence that in 2009, due to its research programs and the civic engagement, Penn University was named “number one good neighbor” and there is no exaggeration when we say that Benjamin Franklin’s dream for educating leaders of public services had been achieved. So that through hard work and dedication the research department at Penn is one step closer to solving great mysteries of the humankind medicine. It was only last year the research budget was approx. $800 million, this year however Pennsylvania University will lead a 22.5 million project on restoring memory loss and will also elaborate a partnership with the local administration in order to increase access to high quality, locally produced food.



It is known that a great school like University of Pennsylvania will ensure you a great destiny. The following people are not far from the truth: Warren Buffet and Donald Trump- two of the world’s richest men, John Legend – musician, Elizabeth Banks – actress, Noam Chomsky – American linguist, philosopher, political commentator and activist, Sharon Stone – actress, Safra A. Catz – Co – President and Chief Financial Officer at Oracle, and many more.



Working hard you’ll say and that it’s partially true, but you can also walk, and this is also true! You can walk from 30 th< Street Station, it will take you only 15 minutes! If you’re not a walking person you should take a cab or use the SEPTA’s Market-Frankford Line (one stop to 34th and Market Streets). Driving there is also an option, but you should know that the university does not validate parking tickets. No worries though, there are several parking facilities near the campus. Also note that the meters street parking are limited to either two or three hours and they charge 2$ an hour. From Philadelphia International Airport you can take the SEPTA Airport Line which runs directly from the airport to the University’s City Station, you’ll get there in 20 minutes.

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