International Travel – Tips & Recommendations

Who doesn’t want to travel abroad, to see exotic places, to learn about different cultures or to taste fine, traditional cuisine? Well, probably the answer is simple: everybody wants to travel! So, what should you do before leaving your country and during your international travel experience? We have gathered a few tips and recommendations for you and your family regarding international travel.


First things first – make sure you have a valid passport for at least 6 months after your trip and check if you need a visa for the country you are going to visit. Also, prepare some copies of your passport (electronic and on paper) to take with you and leave also with someone you trust, just in case your passport is stolen or you lose it during your trip – this way you can prove your citizenship. If you want to be even more cautious, register with your embassy in the country you’re traveling to and check if you have all the vaccinations required done, especially if you’re going to less developed countries or places where there are health risks that might concern you. If you travel with children, then double-check all these aspects – passport, vaccinations required and visa.
passportStaying healthy during a vacation should be a priority for yourself and your family, therefore if you have already a health insurance check with the company the conditions in which they can cover you outside your country of residence, and if there are issues with that, think about a separate travel insurance – it may help in extreme situations. However, once arrived to your destination, respect some basic rules of personal hygiene, drink only bottles water and don’t eat from the street vendors or in places that don’t look secure for your health.
Once you have all the documents and papers ready, make sure you understand the potential risks of the country you’re going to visit, if it’s a place for which your government issued some warning notices think again about it and if you still want to go there, learn about the local culture, things and places to avoid as well as some basic words in the respective local language.
Clothing? Well, that’s easy especially if you’re going to a warm place for its beaches or sea, or in the mountains to ski. But, how are you going to handle a continental weather? Read reviews about the average temperatures and weather forecasts for the period you are going to travel and take some extra care about the different clothing recommended – unless you’re a shopping fan and you have to buy some clothes from there!
Then, if you travel on your own, you should book everything in advance – your hotel room, tours, train tickets, rental cars and even restaurants if you really have some preferred place to go to – you might not find seats available if the place you’re going to is a touristic area, especially during high season.
Other travel tips:
Financials – check the currency of the country you’re visiting, understand the conversion before you go there and prepare some local cash. Don’t take unnecessary credit cards with you or other bank documents and check if there are any entrance fees in the country you’re traveling to.
Electronics – there are high chances that you might need an adapter (not many countries use the same charger, plugs and voltage), so check the country’s plug systems and voltage to see if you need an adapter on one side, and also to see if you can use the voltage of your own electronics in the country you’re visiting.
Events – how about a concert, a local festival or a celebration during your trip? You may experience one of these if you check before you leave the events taking place in the city or area you’re visiting.

You’re now all set to go! You know the basics, pack comfortable walking shoes for you and your family, forget your daily concerns and worries, be positive and get ready for a wonderful vacation abroad! You are now an international traveller with a great destination. Have a safe trip!