Education and Jobs

indexEducation has always been the basis of a career, no matter where you live or study, as long as you have a degree or diploma. However, what makes a young graduate find a motivating job and how are students and graduates guided to start a career?


Well, first of all, we need to think about the education coming from home, the guidance of the parents. As a child or teenager, you are encouraged to contribute to the community, you are asked to help others and you get rewarded for your work around the house. So, how much influence does parental education have on your future career? It definitely has a lot of influence in choosing the studies you are going to pursue in college and maybe even university. That’s ok! Every child or teenager must have support and get advice from their parents, otherwise you wouldn’t call it a family, right? So, there’s how parental education has an influence on your future job or career.


Second, in school, you get to be part of a group, you get to make choices and you overcome the very first challenges of your life. Either you’re a science fan, or interested in biology or chemistry, it will most probably influence your decisions in choosing a career. Therefore, is it common to get hired in an industry or function for which you studied all your life? Definitely yes, as the employers look for candidates who are specialized and qualified in a certain business area or domain.


What does it take us to be competitive in a global market? Starting from choosing the right education coming from the parents at home, then from our teachers in school, we get to make our own choices in order to be excellent in what we’re pursuing as a career. Flexibility, communication, cultural awareness and tolerance will come as great advantages besides a proper education in order to get a job and develop a successful career.